Scholarships you can apply for at the moment

Foundations for the schools in Stockholm

You can apply for a scholarship from these foundations between 18/8-16/9.  
You can get all the information you need on Stockholms stads website,; the list of foundations, instructions and application forms.  

The Foundation of Anders Otto Swärd and Ulrika Eklund

If you want to apply for this scholarship you have to be a Swedish citizen, a bright student and have a difficult financial situation at home. The Foundation must have your application before the 1st of October. You need a certificate from your mentor about your character and your suitability for your study programme. The welfare officer has to sign your application, which you find on swä

The Foundation of Axel and Sofia Alm 

The Foundation needs your application before 15th of October. You’ll find all the information and the Application Form on You need to have passed your courses and have a difficult financial situation at home.